PK Career inc prepares you for the CDL test with more than 40 hours of classroom instruction and 120 hours of driving practice. We can also assist the current CDL holder in obtaining a new certification. Verification is obtained by passing written exams that measure your skills in specific track categories, such as B. Dangerous goods (HazMat), or transportation of large cargo, etc. B. Double/triple trailer truck.

Just having a CDL can get you into many standard commercial trucking jobs with a minimum starting salary of  $50,340*. 

Jobs in the Trucking Industry

PK Career inc can train CDL holders in dangerous goods and double/triple tagging truck driving. Some benefits of specialized truck driver jobs are: 

If you love to travel, you can easily find a job that allows you to move around the country. Whatever your dream is, PK Career inc is the school to help you make it come true. We have dozens of training facilities across the United States, conveniently located for your daily commute. 


*For qualified candidates, where available.

  • Salaries go even more than 100,000
  • Many choices, local, interstate, international etc.

If you love to travel, it will be easy to find a job that will take you all over the country. Whatever your dreams may be, 160 Driving Academy is the school that can help you reach them. With dozens of training locations throughout the USA, we’re conveniently located so that you can commute to school every day.

At our company, there are endless job opportunities for our students as truck drivers. Don’t hesitate – to fill out our registration form or call us today to choose your preferred location from our many training campuses across the United States.