You will start by taking our in-depth intensive 4-week course. Where you will learn about all the procedures and practices needed to drive an A-Class truck. We prepare you for your CDL exam with the following procedures:

    • Classroom Instruction

We make sure you are ready and we’ll learn before touching a truck.  We find you in-depth knowledge about trucks functionalities. This will prepare you for the written part of the exam By teaching you about the best driving and truck-leading procedures. 

    • Field Instruction

In order to really understand truck driving you will need to go out and practice with real trucks.  Our instructors will always be at your side giving you instructions and helping you learn truck driving. We will give you all our time till we find you ready for your CDL test. 

Our truck driving teaching classes are offered throughout the country on different campuses. So you can commute to any Institute and start learning every day. 

Please read on to understand how PK carrier Inc will help you pass your CDL exam. 

Trucking Classes - PK CARRIERINC

Unlike many other CDL preparation classes in the United States,  we provide you with training customized only for you at extremely affordable prices. We provide an instructor for every 3 students so your questions about any part of the course never go unanswered. Also, most of our students get their fees covered by since government-initiated plan or by our trucking company associates making you’re learned all cost less. 


*For qualified candidates, where available.

Truck Driving Classes throughout the USA

At PK carrier Inc,  we have helped numerous students across the united states of America in obtaining their professional truck driving licenses with the help of our professional instructors. Currently, our schools are located in every major city in the country and also expanding to other cities-so keep looking out for our new branches and apply to get your CDL exam sorted.  Connect us today to get admission to our courses at your nearest branch. 


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