If you live in the United States and are considering obtaining a commercial driver’s license (CDL), you may be wondering where to start. To earn the CDL, you must pass a thorough driving and written test, with at least 80% accuracy. Driving a truck is an important job, but it can also be difficult. Professional training is recommended to start a safe and successful professional life. 

PK carrier inc trains you in the classroom and in the driver’s seat, we train you for about 160 hours and prepare for the exam. Learn everything you need to pass the written exam easily. When it comes to driving, we believe that the best strategy is a lot of practice. After four weeks of 40 hours of training per week, she will be ready for the exam. To obtain a CDL of 160: 

40 hours of classroom training yards, then 120 hours of driving experience on local roads, highways, and national highways (including both driving and observation time ). Our instructors will work one-on-one with you to ensure you are 100% prepared for the exam. It’s that easy – and for most students, their tuition fees are reimbursed by their new employer! 

Never hesitate to make big career decisions again. Call us now or complete our online form to get started. For course details, please visit our Facebook page.



*For qualified candidates, where available.

Truck Driving Classes Throughout USA

It is time for you to stop thinking about getting a CDL and start your new career path today. Conveniently located across the United States, Pk career inc provides you with the knowledge and skills you need to become the best driver. Call now to choose your training from one of our 160 driving academy schools nationwide
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When you think of a trucking job, you might think of a driver who travels across the country for days to deliver cargo. This is the kind of trucking job that many people are very good at. However, driving long distances isn’t the only option available to commercial driver’s license (CDL) holders. Many of his CDL Class A drivers can make local deliveries and drive home every night. Professional truck drivers gain skills and endorsements in a particular field, which can lead to higher salaries and a wider range of jobs. Read below to learn more about the truck driver jobs that 160 Driving Academy can prepare for you.