Before you’re able to drive a commercial truck, you’ll need CDL training to prepare for the test. 160 Driving Academy offers the affordably priced, individualized instruction you need to pass your exam with flying colors and begin your career.

So first of all, what does Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) training consist of, and what will you be doing on a day-to-day basis in our four-week class? Training for the CDL can be completed in four 40-hour weeks. Your hours will be split between the following:

  • In-Person Classes
  • In-Person classes are one-fourth of a four-week course and teach the rules and regulations of truck driving. In the classroom, you will receive all the information you need to pass the written portion of the Class A CDL exam. 


*For qualified candidates, where available.

  • Behind-the-Wheel Training 
  • Experience behind the wheel is what separates a good driver from an unprepared driver. Behind-the-wheel training includes driving practice not only on our courses, but also on local roads, streets and highways. Your exam preparation includes interstate highways and  hours of observational experience to hone your driving skills.

CDL Certification Training

When you choose PK Carrier inc, you benefit from our dedication and dedicated instructors for personal success. With only 4 students per instructor, he can give you the personalized attention you need every day, whether you’re in the classroom or at the wheel. 

PK CARRIER INC has schools in major cities across the country, making it easy to choose a training location closest to you. Earning YOUR CDL certification in the US has never been easier. Call PK carrier inc today and choose to train at one of our convenient school locations. Start the career you’ve been waiting for today!