If you’re looking for a new career with great pay and advancement opportunities, look no further than Pk career inc! Pk career inc is a truck driving school serving students across the United States. we Help students prepare for the Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) exam with 40 hours of classroom instruction and 120 hours of driving practice. 

Pursuing a career as a truck driver is a smart investment. Many large commercial trucking companies will cover 100% of the tuition fee if he passes the CDL exam. Get instant access to jobs with a starting salary of  $50,340* or more. Read on to learn about the amazing opportunities a career as a truck driver can offer you!
Truck Driving Career Opportunities

Truck Driving Career Opportunities

Take a course at PK Carrier inc and get a job starting at $50,340*. We work with many major U.S. trucking companies willing to sponsor tuition and hire new drivers. A career as a truck driver can be both in terms of travel and payment options. Some of the many benefits of a truck driver career are: 


*For qualified candidates, where available.

  • An average truck driver makes around $50,340
  • Hazardous material and double triple trailers can pay six figures yearly.
  • Specialized drivers can earn even more
  • Travelling opportunity

Choosing PK Carrier doesn’t have to be long or expensive to start your truck driving career. After 4 weeks of 40 hours of classes, you will be ready to take the exam. Many students can take exams even if they are sponsored by a company. With dozens of driving schools across the United States, you can choose a convenient location and commute every day. 

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