Are you Ready to get your  Class A CDL to license? PK Carrier inc. gives you all the knowledge and practice you need with four weeks of classroom instruction and in-depth training behind the wheel. The CDL Class A Certification course will enable you to drive a “Class A” truck in any US state. After 40 hours in the classroom, you’ll be fully prepared for your exams and practicing driving on local and interstate roads. So what exactly is a  Class A CDL license and how can it lead to a lucrative career?

 A CDL license for a Class A vehicle allows you to drive trucks weighing 26,001 pounds or more, including most tractor-trailers. If you are towing another vehicle, that vehicle must weigh over 10,000 pounds. This definition includes so many commercial trucks that the A license is one of the most practical and popular driving licenses for new drivers. Read below to learn about the benefits of driving a Class A truck and how PK Carrier inc can prepare you for the exam.

CDL Class A Certification

Earning a Class A certification opens the door to higher salaries and numerous promotion opportunities in this field. New drivers who get graduated from PK carrier inc can land jobs with a minimum starting salary of  $50,340*. Additional experience and approvals will allow you to earn more than $100,000! First and foremost, we provide the best CDL Class A training to ensure our graduates are consistently finding the best jobs. 

PK Carrier inc makes it easier than you ever thought to get your CDL license and start a better career. Don’t hesitate to call us now. Start the career you’ve been waiting for!


*For qualified candidates, where available.