A CDL license will give you permission to drive semi-trucks,  Trucks and even big trailers. it will also help you get high salaries in the trucking industry. All this is achievable just by putting a few days into a course. With the trucking industry growing rapidly and trucking companies in constant need of skilled drivers, career opportunities for CDL holders are increasing. Under these circumstances taking a CDL course from PK carrier Inc will be the best choice you can make right now. 

Benefits of CDL Certification

According to the latest data from American Trucking, passing her CDL exam after 40 hours of classroom instruction and her 120 hours of driving experience could lead to a career in the trucking industry with an average salary of $50,340*. 

      • High Pay
    Graduates from PK carrier Inc can get a starting salary of 50,340 with zero experience.
      • Promotion Opportunity
    One of the best things about this industry is the opportunity for growth. The truck drivers who get a little experience or prove their skills at work get eligible for  jobs like special cargo and double/triple trailers which pay around 100,000 annually
    • Travel Opportunities
    • As a truck driver, you will get the opportunity to travel the whole nation and that too at your employer’s expense. So get ready to see the world.


*For qualified candidates, where available.

If you’re thinking: “How will I be able to afford classes for CDL certification?” rest easy—the vast majority of our students receive financial assistance or have their tuition covered 100% by their chosen trucking company. With dozens of school locations across the USA, 160 Driving Academy is here to make sure you succeed. So don’t delay; contact us now to learn more about our truck driving school benefits!

Truck Driving Classes throughout the USA

Starting a truck driving career is really easy in the united states with the help of PK carrier inc. also it is not very time-consuming and you can be ready within 40 days to start an endless travelling career. A lot of times our students get their tuition fees covered by big trucking companies that you like to work with.

To know more about this learning opportunity just give us a call or fill out the form and we will help you get admission to your nearest Pk carrier Inc institute. You can also check out our Facebook page to get a look at our recent graduate testimonial.


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